3 Day Detox


img_3220Breakfast / Desayuno

Morning detox tea

1 cup Green Tea / 1 taza Té Verde

1 tsp Lime / 1tsp Limón

1 cup Water / 1 taza de Agua

1Tbsp Flax Seed / 1 Tbsp Linaza molida

1 Banana / Banano

¼ cup Spinach / ¼ Espinaca

1tbsp Almond Butter / 1 tbsp Mantequilla de Almendra

2tsp Lime / 2 tsp Limón


img_3197Lunch / Almuerzo

Drink / Licuado

4 Celery Stalks / 4 Tallos Apio

1 Cucumber / 1 Pepino

1 cup Kale leaves / 1 taza Kale

1 small Green Apple / 1 Manzana Verde pequeña

1tbsp Lime / 1tbsp Limón

1tbsp Coconut Oil / 1tbsp Acite de Coco

½ cup Almond Milk / ½ Leche de Almendra

1 cup Pineapple / 1 taza Piña




Solids / sólidos 

¼ cup cooked Quinoa / ¼ Quinoa cocida

½ Avocado / ½ Aguacate



Have your favorite smoothie for snack!

Toma tu licuado favorito como snack!


Dinner / Cena

1 cup Blueberries / 1 taza Arándanos

1 ½ Almond Milk /  1 ½ Leche de Almendra

1 cup Kale / 1 taza Kale

1 Tbsp Lime / 1 Tbsp Limón

¼ avocado / ¼ Aguacate

1Tbsp Flax Seed / 1 Tbsp Linaza molida




One of the hardest things I’ve had to do!



So, it turns out I over ate on my last trip. The food was delicious… bread, pasta, pizza, desserts… all covered in yummy butter, so worth it!

I knew by the way I was eating, that there would be consequences. I thought that a couple of pimples and a little weight gain would be it. When I got back, I started to notice that my shoulders were getting a rash. I thought it would go away in a couple of days, but that didn’t happen. It turns out that I was intoxicated from so much gluten, sugar and butter :/ so my doctor suggested I should go on a 3 day detox.

This was a first, never in my life had I gone without food for more than a couple of hours. I was a bit anxious and wasn’t sure about doing it, but I knew my body was really needing it.

The Day beforeimg_3063

This was a fun part. I loved getting ingredients and prepping them. I went shopping and got fresh fruits and veggies! I even got my mom to do the detox with me :)!

Day 1

The morning smoothie was delicious. I was feeling positive and looking forward to lunch. After yoga practice and my breakfast smoothie, I started to “mise en place” all the ingredients for my lunch smoothie and Quinoa. I took a long time because of all the pictures I was taking. Lunch was not bad at all, I was so full, I thought I was not going to be able to finish it, but I did.

After lunch I had to meet up with a friend, she was having lunch when I got there, a veggie sandwich; this was when my torture began.

My mouth was watering and all I could think of was salty food, bread, cheese and a million other cravings. The smoothie had been digested and i was feeling very hungry . I could not hold myself back from eating, so I ate some dried fruit, which obviously did not taste like that sandwich. I had to remind my self that what I was doing was a good thing and that it would probably make me feel better. After a while, the cravings passed and I was able to concentrate again, so I went home just in time for my dinner smoothie. After dinner I was feeling VERY tired. I imagine it was form the lack of food, so I went to bed and watched TV until I fell a sleep.

Day 2

I woke up with energy again and was feeling pretty optimistic. I prepared the morning smoothie (my favorite one) and continued with my Saturday. I noticed that the smoothies made me feel satisfied for about an hour, and then my hungry tummy monster was back demanding any type of food.

After my lunch smoothie, I was feeling tired again, no energy, my body was really heavy and I just wanted to sleep. I fell a sleep for more than an hour, feeling weak and not like myself. I was akaened by my brothers cooking… sautéed onions for a tomato sauce. I felt like crying, I wanted to eat the whole world! I went to the kitchen and could not restrain myself. I warmed up some of the leftover quinoa  from lunch, poured the tomato sauce and ate it ALL. It was soooo good and I started to feel energized. I was not sleepy anymore and I had no regrets about what I had just done, I was happy.

By night, I started to notice a difference in my body. My stomach felt fresh and clean (I don’t really know how to describe the feeling) and I was not bloated. I drank my dinner and went to bed happilly about how my body was feeling.

Day 3

Yay!!!! The last day. My first thought was “tomorrow I will eat again”

This day was as hard as the days before. For breakfast, my cousin cooked for my family and everything looked and smelled so good. I had to take a bite out of my brother’s plate, just for a little taste. Then, for lunch my brother and his friends ordered pizza. My only thought was “this is torture, I don’t understand how people go through with this, its impossible!”  Luckily, when I got to the kitchen determined to have a slice of pizza, it was gone. Those boys were like piranhas, they left no crumbs. Since pizza was no longer an option, I did have an apple and some more quinoa for a snack.

The day passed by very fast and just like a snap, it was dinner time.


Finally the last smoothie!

I was almost out of ingredients, so I don’t think I followed the recipe for this smoothie. I just used what I had. Dinner smoothie was my second favorite, so I enjoyed it and was hysterically happy that my torture was over.

I must say, lunch was definitely the hardest for me. Although it was hard, I really could feel some difference in my body. The rash began to dry, my belly was not bloated and I am feeling healthy.

I Would love to hear your story!!











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