Open up your heart

The Beauty of Backbends

IMG_7436The psychology behind a Back bend.

Our body’s natural response to danger is to curl in, protecting our most vulnerable part – our heart, both the physical heart and the energetic heart space. Backbends do the very opposite action; they open us up to the world. As backbends open the chest and upper body they stimulate Anahata, our Heart chakra. This allows us to access our emotions, experiences and our relationships.

Exposing ourselves takes courage and backbends builds more of that courage.


  • Create a solid foundation. Press down firmly through your hands and feet
  • Make the legs strong. Rotate the inner thighs inwards and back.
  • Engage your core so that it supports your back.
  • Release your shoulders down your back.
  • Firm the bottom tips of the shoulder-blades in towards each other.
  • Keep the neck long and happy and aim for an even arch over the whole spine.

Backbends are invigorating and strengthening. They stretch the hip flexors and help open up the shoulders and chest.  They build strength and power in the legs, arms and back muscles. By increasing mobility and awareness of the spine, backbends improve posture and can help to alleviate some kinds of back and neck pain.

Lets practice our backbends, strengthen our spines and open our hearts!


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