Face to face with FEAR

So scared that nothing really made sense.

have you ever felt this?


It’s crazy how the mind works, and how we are constantly protecting ourselves and trying to survive.

Usually I’m very brave, but lately I’ve been feeling afraid of heights. They scare me A LOT! What was supposed to be fun and take 3 seconds, ended up being more than an hour of mind torture. Experiencing this numbing, weakening crazy feeling was definitely new to me.

 It had me freaking out.

Even though I wanted to jump so bad and was thinking how I should just go for it, my legs would not move forward. For a moment I decided I wouldn’t do it, that it was just too much suffering and that it was ok not to jump. Deep down I knew that I would regret not jumping, I would be sad and frustrated if I didn’t do it.

So… After more than an hour of me trying to convince myself to jump, I finally did it!!! My legs were shaking, my hands were sweaty, I had a feeling of not enough air and wanted to cry. Luckily, I was with amazing people who supported me all the way through.

I jumped!!!


It was some experience I must say. I’m happy and proud I did it, I faced my fear.

 I don’t think I would jump again HAHAHA.

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