Body. Mind. Awareness. Art

I love watching the human body, I think its amazing.

Skin, muscles, hands, feet, shoulders, legs… all of it!

I love to play around trying to get into different shapes, test my strength, flexibility and mind. But most of all I like working with my mind during each shape I get into. Challenge myself right when I start to think “I don’t think I can do this”

Today was one of those days when I had the full range of thoughts, I went from one extreme to the other.

“Yes I can do It” “there you go, you have it” “maybe not today” “yes I can do it” “ok, I can’t “ “I’m tired, thats why” “just one more time” “you need to stop” 🤯

After multiple tries, I got close to what I was attempting… not what I had pictured in my mind! But in between the crazy, the sweat, and the passion, beautiful things happened, just as every time I practice.

When practicing, I learn about my self, my body & my needs. I sometimes push my limits because I know that my mind might think I can’t but my body can go a bit further.

To be able to push those limits, first I must have a deep connection, really know myself and how my body is feeling right in the moment.

I always practice ahimsa towards myself “non violence” and patience.

The reward is amazing!

Don’t be afraid of failure, of falling, of taking time and most of all, never be afraid to try again & again & again…


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