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 S T A R T     A    H E A L T H Y     L I F E S T Y L E.

L I V E    A    M E A N I N G F U L    A N D    B A L A N C E D    L I F E.    

IMG_0165Based on the principle of  homeostasis, joyful balance promotes a healthy lifestyle that will help you reach your goals and aspirations,  providing you with a better quality of life.

We design a custom made plan just for you, inviting you to an easy to follow program that includes nutrition, body stretches, yoga, natural infusions, essential oils, expressive arts and lots of fun. Discover a routine that will make your every day easy, healthy and full of meaning. 

Happiness is already inside of you!



Nutrition has a direct effect on your organism.  It has an effect on the way you feel and on the way you act and react to different situations. Every human being has a different body type that responds to certain excesses or deficiencies causing differences in mood during the day.   Based on the science of Ayurveda, we help you discover the kind of nutrition that is right  for you to keep your organism in balance. The ¨right food¨ will help you maintain a good level of energy, a healthy relationship with your body and better control over your emotions and decision making.



IMG_2825Infusions have multiple benefits and medicinal properties to help us maintain a healthy mind and body. They have an effect on your digestive system, immune system and mood, They are a great supplement to feel good physically and emotionally.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for their healing and medicinal properties. Their aromas and topic use trigger responses in the brain that send healing to the body. They can balance out hormone levels, heal digestive disorders, enhance mood and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.



Breath is essential for life. If you learn how to manipulate your breath,  it can become a great tool that will help you re-establish balance in your body and mind. Working with your breath brings great benefits, like calming body and mind, energizing the body, more control over your emotions,  stress and anxiety, better sleep patterns,  and induces into a meditative state.


Every day more and more people notice the importante of having mind and body connection. Yoga never stops to surprise us with its overall benefits. Its practice provides physical, mental and spiritual benefits, it helps you have a healthy, strong & flexible body while keeping a stable calm mind. Yoga creates this mind body connection, helping you gain confidence, energy and better quality of life.   

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Art music and journaling are activities that create a cathartic release, helping you let go of fear, anger, anxiety, sadness and depression.  These activities awaken your creativity, spontaneity while giving you the opportunity to observe and be witness of the changes that have taken place in your life.  They help create a ¨mindful¨ state so that you can focalize your thoughts in a concrete process.



Simple Plan: two sessions                    Investment: $100

  1. Nutrition with a list of recommended and not recommended foods to help you balance physical, emotionally and mentally.
  2. Herbal list and samples.
  3. Essential oils list and doTerra oil samples.
  4. Breathing exercises.
  5. Stretches and yoga sequence.
  6. Art and journaling exercises.
  7. Music

Complete Plan:  four sessions             Investment: $265

  1. Nutrition with a list of recommended and not recommended foods to help you balance physical, emotionally and mentally.
  2. Herbal list and samples
  3. Essential oils list and samples
  4. Breathing exercises
  5. Stretches and yoga sequence.
  6. Art and journaling exercises
  7. Music
  8. 2 check up sessions with meditation, art and music therapy and herbal infusions.
All our plans and routines are created specifically for you.

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