Life’s way of flow and change

I thought I was doing something that would make me feel good, help me be healthier.

I decided to go vegan. I did some research and all I found about becoming vegan were good things, so thats what I did. What I didn’t know was that all bodies are different, and that mine is definitely “special”… I say special, because I’ve always had the weirdest symptoms, my body is very sensitive and has immediate weird reactions to changes. Sometimes I feel like an alien hahaha thats what my mom says I am!!!

At the beginning it felt good, I felt lighter, my belly was less bloated and I was proud about my commitment.

After a few months, the cravings of what I used to eat went away, but I was feeling tired more often and had little energy. I started to incorporate more vegetable protein and grains to my food, but wasn’t feeling better, I was still committed, so I continued even though I wasn’t feeling great.

It wasn’t until a year later that things started to go down hill, and I wasn’t feeling myself. I got used to feeling less energetic but I started to notice that I was not doing good when I had an intestinal cramp that lasted for more than 8 hours. The pain was so bad, I thought I was going to die. In the hospital they treated me with some kind of spasm medicine that made that pain go away, although I did feel better, my digestive system fellt “off” I had really bad pain in all my joints, my muscle would spasm often and after exercising the sore pain would last for a longer time than usual. Also I got yoga practice injuries easier and they never really healed.

My Dr. recommended I should get some blood tests done, so that’s what I did. The results sucked! I was so sad, scared, angry and frustrated.

Turns out that I have hypoglycemia and that my digestive system is in shock and not functioning. It isn’t capable of absorbing nutrients without the right proteins and my sugar levels get all altered, there for all my systems are not doing well.

I was angry at my self! In an attempt of trying to be healthier I made myself sick, I was hurting my self in ways I had no idea… really hated that feeling and I wish to never feel that way again.

The good news is that all of it is reversible. I have to be in a special diet for 3 months, be extra careful and mindful with what I eat and watchful of the Hypoglycemia. This means eating often, no refined sugar and no gluten. I MUST have animal protein and I can’t mix it with fruit or carbohydrates and  continue having lots of veggies!!!

Those who know me, know I love desserts. So that part will be hard, but overall, this diet is not so bad, seems like a very healthy way to eat. New challenge and I’m committed to making myself healthy again.

After feeling weak, pain in joints and muscles, sad, frustrated and not being able to practice yoga or exercise as I used to, I’m finally feeling “ME” again.

Every day, its more clear to me that all extremes are bad. They create rigidity and break the flow of life. In my experience, they get you stuck, sick, blind and move you away from awareness. My lesson this time is to stay away from extremes, to listen, honor and love my body and its needs.

Do you have similar story?

I Would love to hear all about it! What was your lesson and what can I learn from your experience?


M E L.

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